Monday, January 10, 2011

The Start of the Yarn Diet

Wow, eh? That's a blanket-full of yarn. I didn't even include all my acrylic stuff in the pile. Don't worry, they're included in the total yardage, just not the photo. My cotton was in a bag in my car, so it didn't get included, either.

Total yards: 17,584
Total grams: 10,970
Number of skeins: 132.2
Finished objects from the stash: 0

Here commences the yarn diet. I took pictures of each skein of yarn and added them to my Ravelry stash. I'm hoping this will help me to remember exactly what I have and how I can use it.

To move me along, I'm self-imposing a "knit-of-the-month."  I have several patterns picked out that I plan on printing and ziplock bagging with the yarn needed to complete them. Each month, I will have to complete at least one of the bags.  For each bag I complete, I will create a new one for later. My Just Enough Ruffles was supposed to be my January knit, but I'm hopefully 2/3 done, so I might have to do a small project for the second half of January.

One step closer to more closet space.


  1. good luck and i think this is a wonderful idea...i think i may join you

    do you have a rav group for this?


  2. I don't have a group, but check out the forum. This is where I got the idea: