Friday, June 20, 2014

Stitch Fix Number 2

Came home from field work on Wednesday to another StitchFix box on my porch!

I got two blouses, two dresses, and earrings.

I started with the blouses. I could tell from the pictures on my style card that it was going to be too blousey for me.

(Please ignore the messy dresser in the background of all my pictures....)

 Blanchette Tie-Neck Peasant Blouse  - $64

That's a nope. Too see-through and just too big and baggy. Apparently blouses have to be cut just right for them to work on me.

Blouse number two, however, I really  liked.

Filbert Abstract Striped Henley Blouse - $54

I guess I'm just a sucker for 3/4 length sleeves. But this top had some fun details and totally wasn't baggy like the other one, so I dug it.

Dress number one.... Ugh.

Harriet Chevron Print Detail Dress - $64

I don't know how you can call something with so much chevron pattern boring, but this actually really was. The skirt either should have been fuller and more of an A-line, or a bit more fitted. Just a no. Nope nope nope.

Dress number two was such a Robyn dress.

Spensur Striped Jersey Dress - $54

A-line (which I guess people are now calling a fit and flare??) with a fun striped pattern. Yup, definitely something I would wear. However I'm kind of debating on this one because the material is just basic cotton and I just bought something really similar from Loft.... This dress, but obviously not the maternity version. It's even two shades of blue, too. I'll have to try on them both tonight to decide if I should have both in my closet.

The earrings were another no.

Adele Hoop & Stone Earring - $32

I didn't take a picture of them, but here's a link to someone else's blog that got them in their Fix.

So, I think this time I'll be keeping one shirt and maybe one dress, which is about what I kept last time. While I might not have been as impressed with this box as my first one, I still think it's a lot of fun. The anticipation of getting a box and the excitement of opening it to see what they sent you might be worth spending a few extra bucks on a shirt. It's the experience! But I think I'll wait a few months before my next fix. I can't imagine getting a monthly box at these prices. All of my shopping budget would be blown and I wouldn't be able to stop at the Rack on a whim on my way home to pick up something random. Heaven forbid I not be able to impulse buy at the Rack!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Radishes bolted

I have been harvesting lettuce like crazy. I pick a little here, a little there, and let it regrow.  It's still growing strong.

My radishes, however, have all started to bolt. The french breakfast radishes did great and were actually edible, but my scarlet globe radishes all started to bolt before they bulbed up into anything edible. I ended up pulling all of my radishes since it's starting to really heat up. I plan on filling those squares with more lettuce, some carrots, and maybe some fall kale.

Speaking of kale, the kales I have in the raised beds are also growing really well. Not yet of a size I can harvest, but almost. I had two kale plants that were still in small pots from my early seed starting that I just planted in pots and place along the outside edge of the beds.

My summer savory has been growing in mats.  Unlike my thyme, which had about two seeds that germinated in the beds. The thyme seeds did fine in pots, but failed when planted in the ground. I tried to plants some seeds in my herb garden, but none of them germinated.

And, new this week: A fence!

Seems pretty dang stable. I think more birds are perching on the chain link than did on the wire fence.

We haven't talked to the side neighbors about replacing that fence yet, but they did mention that they are paying someone to put in two terraces in their backyard this summer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that part of that landscaping is removing all the blackberries and other weeds growing in the corner. Keep those blackberries off my property!