Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stitch Fix #5


This fix I got one cardigan, two shirts, a scarf, and a dress. And, surprisingly, I liked most of them. Doesn't mean I kept them all, but I liked the style. GASP. Stitchfix, are you learning, or did you just get lucky?

Concord Draped Striped Pocket Cardigan - $58
41 Hawthorn

This cardigan is kind of like the pink one I got in my first Fix that is super soft and comfy. Apparently I love jersey material. It's dark purple, almost blue, with gray stripes. And pockets! Yup, keeping it. Done.

Chantal Cowl Neck Knit Top - $38
Le Lis

Again with the soft jersey. And gray. So cozy. However, it was so freaking baggy!

Yeah, not pregnant. Don't need that much extra space. I believe Alan said something along the lines of "it doesn't do anything for you." So while I really wanted to like it, it just wasn't that special. Sorry. Returned.

Tina Checkered Infinity Scarf - $34 

Holy soft infinity scarf batman! Black and white checkered, and super soft. Hmm, yes, they might have me figured. "Oh, she's a tactile inspired knitter? Let's just send her soft stuff and she'll cave." Yeah, I caved. Mine. Wore it to work today.

Dash Button-Front Chambray Shirt - $78
Market & Spruce

They sent me this because on my Pinterest I said I needed some button-downs to wear under sweaters. The only problem here is that pretty much live in jeans. I think I have one pair of khakis and one pair of green pants and the rest are all jeans. The fit was fine, and I think it went pretty well with the scarf in the above picture, but I just can't get past the Canadian tuxedo look. And it was $78 for a chambray shirt. For reals? If it was $20 cheaper and a different shade, I'd probably keep it. But that's like J.Crew pricing for a Gap quality shirt. Nope.

Petrova Textured Pleat Skirt Dress - $88
Market & Spruce

Does this dress seem familiar to anyone else?

Oh yeah...

I have it in red. And it was $20 from the Rack and is better quality. The zipper on the Market & Spruce dress kept getting hung up on the elastic at the waist and I couldn't do it by myself. Definitely don't need two of the same dress, so this one went back, too.

I'd say this Fix overall was decent. I could have liked everything.... but I didn't. Close, but no cigar. Definitely better than the last one.