Thursday, July 21, 2011

Home Stretch

I've been knitting covertly. 

I've been working on two very large, rather monotonous projects lately and haven't been feeling the motivation to work on the endless K2,P2 to finish. So, when I finally had knitting time, I decided to reenergize my knitting love with a quick project. So I pulled out my stash of cotton and whipped out in an hour, or maybe even less, a double-stranded garter stitch wash cloth (no pictures yet, sorry).  Then I did another, just because I could.  And it worked.  Just like that I had to pull out my endless stash-busting sweater and get to work.

And it instantaneously went from this:

To this:

Ok, so maybe I was just stuck on the last 8 inches of ribbing for about three months. But I forgot to post an updated picture, so that's what my progress has been for you guys.

Last night, after trying it on after two more rows, then four more rows, then oh maybe just a couple more rows, I FINALLY got to bind off. It was late and I was too sleepy to try it on again, but I'm hoping my bind off was loose and stretchy enough to fit over my ample hips.  Tonight will be the real test, then I'll have to dive into the unsorted mess left over from moving to find my DPN for the arms.

I went to the Mariners Stitch 'N Pitch last week. We bought our tickets too late to actually sit in the knitting section, but our seats were pretty good and I took along my bag o tricks. See, proof:

Terrible game, but at least I got some rows in.  Same goes with last night - terrible movie, but at least I got to knit! Knitting makes almost anything tolerable.... but Blue Crush 2 was definitely a stretch.