Wednesday, January 5, 2011

At It Again

Back in the saddle. If that saddle comes with 50 grams of yarn and a pair of knitting needles.

I just started a new scarf pattern for myself in a light blue/teal color.  The yarn is angora bamboo and so far I enjoy working with it. That doesn't say much as I've only completed seven rows. Not enough to take a picture of, but hopefully it will be soon.

Also picked up the Ripened Scarf that has been hibernating in my craft closet* since maybe March. Now I don't remember why I stopped. It wasn't a difficult pattern. I was close to running out of yarn, so instead of knitting as far as I thought I could, I stopped at a point I knew I would have enough to finish. It's pretty short, so after blocking I think I'll stitch the top and bottom together to make it into an infinity scarf. 

*Yes, the craft closet. In it I keep my sewing machine, fabric, scrapbooking supplies, beading equipment and baskets and baskets of yarn. It may share some space with hiking boots, scuba gear, and an extra set of sheets, but that space is minimal in comparison.

Speaking of beading, I have been negligent in posting my stitch markers. I finished them eons ago, but never put them up.  I finally signed up as a seller on Etsy and they're the only thing on in my shop. We'll see if there is any interest.  Maybe I can scrap up enough money to buy season tickets to the Huskies next year (Did you see the Holiday Bowl?? Let's go Dawgs!). It's a circle - they entertain me while knitting during away games, knitting funds my tickets to home games! Yahoo! Maybe someday I'll actually have knitting to post there, too.

Right now I only have two styles of markers due to limited bead selection.  The first is metal markers, with one purple glass bead to mark the end of your row (above), and the second consists of different purple glass beads (below).

I like them.  The wire is really thin, so you don't get bars in your knitting like you occasionally do with the store-bought plastic markers.

I plan on blocking my Ripened Scarf tonight while taking down the Christmas decorations.  Fingers crossed it works out.

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