Friday, January 7, 2011

Going Cold Sheep

I was recently toodling around on Ravelry, just wasting time, and I came across a thread about going on a Yarn Diet. It sounded like a great idea, so starting right now, I'm going Cold Sheep.

This means I will not buy any yarn for myself. The only yarn I'm allowed to purchase is gift yarn, and I don't see any gift purchases in the near future since it's after Christmas, my big gift-knitting time. The only yarn I am allowed to buy for myself is when I use the last skein of a stashed yarn and need another to complete the project.  This only kicks in when the integrity/usefulness of the object will be compromised by making it smaller. (this may endanger my Ruffles Scarf. maybe that purchase won't count yet...)

I was doing pretty good on using yarns I had on hand until I discovered Smiley's Yarn shop. You have to buy $50 worth in order for them to ship it, and at an average of $2.50 a skein, I have bought a lot of yarn. That means I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Lots of people who go Cold Sheep try to keep it up for a year.  I am limiting myself to six months for two reasons: 1) I'm moving at the end of June and am intimidated by the thought of having to move my many baskets, crates, bags and boxes full of yarn, and 2) I haven't counted my stash yet and am hoping I'm not in the league that these ladies on the Ravelry thread are (I'm afraid I will be right up there.  Damn you and your engagement blanket, Bales! I have so much yarn left over!!)

I hope to count up my stash this weekend and have my totals ready on Monday. YIKES!

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