Monday, January 25, 2010

Stormy Sunday

Thank god for rainy Sundays. I just get so much done!

A day that started off on the couch in my pjs watching terrible (very terrible) RomComs, ended up with me completing my WV hat, sweeping and swifering the upstairs, de-Ollie-ing the furniture, making Chex Mix, taking out all of the recycling and garbage, vacuuming my room, hooking up and playing some Super Nintendo (I’m so old school), and finishing my “leftovers” headband. I went to bed with the hat in an envelope ready for mailing and the headband blocking on a towel.

What is blocking, you ask? Blocking makes a strip of material, such as a headband or scarf, go from a tightly knit tube of ugly into a loose-fibered flat strip that can be stretched to size. You pin the item to a flat piece of material (a sheet or towel works great), steam or dampen as appropriate to the fiber, and let it dry. The hope is that the heat and/or water will loosen the fibers and allow you to stretch the material into the desired shape.

Hope that blocking the headband works, as it’s as curly as a lil piggy’s tail. I pinned it down first before dampening it. Depending on how this works out, I may have to douse it in water instead of just spritzing with Ollie’s no-no spray bottle. He had been laying spread eagle on my floor (fat sacks make for great balancers), but when he saw the blue bottle he rocketed out of my room to go stare at the fish in the aquarium.

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