Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh, look, it's 2010!

Apparently I missed the boat. Everyone else has already posted their "Welcome to 2010," or, "Sayonara 2009!" So here's my "So long, farewell, bye-bye" to a decade.

Things I accomplished in the 2000s:
*graduated high school
*spent some time on the East Coast
*went to Scotland
*went to Australia and New Zealand
*graduated college
*experienced unemployment without the benefits of being on "Unemployment"
*visited West Virginia (which should probably be counted as my fourth foreign country)
*lived in a trailer by the river
*visited Alaska and Hawaii no less than four times
*saw my brother get married
*got a "real" job, in the area I studied in college, and kept it for, holy crap, THREE years!
*became self sufficient (mostly ;)
*helped my dad celebrate retirement
*learned to knit

I'd say the 2000's saw me grow up and become an adult. I think it was the knitting that did it.

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