Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Desk Chair Traveller

Today was one of those days (and I've had a few of them recently) when I had too much time on my hands at work and started dreaming of things that can't be done from a desk chair. Yesterday, these dreams mostly centered around baby alpaca and the delightful things I could knit with it (namely, a hat for ME! I deserve it. And I deserve the flowers I bought for myself. And this bottle of wine I'm going to drink.).

(Thanks for the wine, Dad! It's delicious!)

Today, I spent my spare time dreaming of the mountains, the Sound and the ocean. Probably spent two hours back and forth between the Washington Trails Association, Google Maps and Google in general. I've marked my calendar with random weekends on which I want to get outside.

I've been told I'm going snowshoeing sometime in January, but it's yet to be planned. Apparently there are some good trails for it around Mt. Rainier. Apparently. Potentially? I hope I get to find out.

I have had a slowly simmering desire to visit Cape Alava for about, oh, four years now. The simmer is turning into a rolling boil. The hike is mostly flat and almost all the trail that's not on the beach is boardwalk, so it should be doable in January.

Judging from past experience, the Olympics should be fine in January as long as you wear lots of layers...

...and drink lots of beer.

Now is one of the few times I wish I still lived in EWa, where even when it's cold the ground is still dry and you can hike any time between Thanksgiving and Easter.

Badger Mountain on Black Friday... with ice wine!

I also want to get out in my kayak and was looking at Deception Pass. Kayaking the Pass itself scares the poop outta me, but Bowman Bay is just about my speed.

(yes, that's me in my little yellow boat, with coworkers in the canoe further asea)

It's also great for catching these when the season is open.

Also, now is the season for cheap deals on the Oregon Coast. You could get lucky and see this:

You may be not so lucky and see this, even in August:

Or this in June:

(that's one windy beach.)

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