Monday, January 18, 2010

Snowshoeing Success!

Huzzah! Snowshoeing on Saturday was a blast! Shout out to B.Lee... errr.... Bethany... for letting me borrow every piece of gear I needed for the trek.

Got to Stevens Pass around 11:30ish, geared up and hit the trail. Turns out it's not so difficult. Very easy, in fact. Just like hiking, but with big ol' things attached to your feet. We were concerned that we would get rained on, especially after leaving a fogged in Seattle, but the weather turned out gorgeous. Blue skies and only a wee bit of wind when we were exposed.


We bought $5 plastic sleds at Fred Meyer on our drive out, which were put to good use on the downhill sections of the trail on the way back. Those things can FLY down the trail. Lisa excelled at wiggling just enough to keep going and out distanced all of us.

The fishy wriggle

I managed to sled down the steepest part back to the parking lot (not a wise idea) and sped head-first, cartoon explosion-style, into a snow bank. Poof of snow and flying shoes and water bottle included.

I survived the day, with pictures, memories and bruised hip bones to prove it.

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