Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Year in Review - 2011

2011 absolutely flew by.  I feel like it went from April to July in one giant leap.  Sure, I did a bunch of fun stuff in May and June, but that just served to make the time fly by faster. Not to mention the last wisps of summer in September.  Woofta.  So here it is: 2011, just the highlights:

-Took a week long training course for work that I haven’t used and probably won’t, but it was fun.  

-Headed to California a grand total of five times for work and toured the Yosemite National Park in a scant 2 hours - and didn’t feel like I missed much.

-Moved out of the castle with my friends (and Ollie) to an apartment with the boyfriend – and made a new Friend, Ninja Cat.

-Took a whirlwind trip to Montana and hit a cousin’s wedding (the first of three!!! but I only made it to two), the grandparents/mom’s family, dad’s family farm, historic Fort Peck spillway, Glacier National Park (now THERE’S a national park!), Flathead Lake, and visited good friends in Missoula.  

-Worked another summer outside at a lake at Snoqualmie Pass.

-Spent many hours hiking with friends and family, topped off with a backpack through the Enchantments that was absolutely breathtaking.

-Gathered over 10 lbs of chanterelles at the “secret spot.”

-Saw another cousin get married in Montana.

-Chopped down my own Christmas tree (for future reference, western hemlocks may make a cute tree, but they sure don’t hold up ornaments very well).

-Broke in my new snowshoes at Mt. Rainier National Park (another national park worthy of the name).

And lastly, but the most noteworthy, I gained an adorable little family member whom I have been knitting for all year:

 Isn't my nephew cute??

I also completed 18 projects (and I’m soooooo close to finishing my sweater I’ve been working on forever).

And I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen that I failed to document.  I’m getting a bit more adventurous and have the belly to prove it.

May 2012 bring as much joy and happiness as 2011.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. I love this post! It is so fun to see all your adventures through photos. And your nephew is adorable!!