Monday, January 9, 2012

Stash Toss

I took advantage of taking all of the week between Christmas and New Years off and went on an organizational spree. I printed out the list of what I had in my stash and compared it to real life. Turns out my stash list wasn't very accurate. I had some new additions, both from Christmas and spree buying, that I knew weren't on there, so that wasn't a surprise.  But I had forgotten that in my first calculation a year ago that I didn't include cotton or some of my old yarn that I had stored elsewhere.  Luckily, in this stash toss I decided to donate most of that old stuff, so I didn't have to include it in this total.

                        Old total from end of 2011           Total from start of 2012
Total Yards:             16,161.7                                         16,871.2
Total Grams:            10,590.6                                          11,040.7
Number of skeins:        119.5                                              125.0

Fairly close, when you look at the numbers, but then when you realize how much I donated.... not that similar at all.

In 2011, I finished a total of 18 projects, using 3,863.5 yards of yarn, or 23.3 skeins.  By my calculations, that means that I have approximately 5 years worth of yarn.

But wait! That doesn't include all the knitting I did last year on a certain sweater that was still on the needles at the end of 2011.  I just happened to finish it over the weekend, so I can't count it for 2011 (technically, not even for 2012 until I get some pictures), but it did make a serious dent in those numbers that went unaccounted for.

The sweater took 5 skeins of yarn (850 yards/500 grams), which makes my new total....

                        Old total from end of 2011           Total from start of 2012      Total minus sweater

Total Yards:             16,161.7                                         16,871.2                         15,991.2
Total Grams:            10,590.6                                          11,040.7                         10,540.7
Number of skeins:        119.5                                              125.0                               120

.... still about 4-5 years worth of knitting. 

Sounds like I need to knit a few more sweaters in 2012 to get those numbers down.  To bad baby sweaters don't use that much yarn, because I know a couple that will be arriving in a few months.

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  1. ugh, i could never do that kind of math on my stash/knitting output because i am certain i would be horrified!