Friday, September 10, 2010

Drops Purse

I finally finished knitting the purse I've been working on since... April? Surely not that long, but close to it. It was a simple pattern that didn't require much attention, but I couldn't work on it when there were so many other fun projects to do (and other activities occupying my time this summer). But, at long last, I finished the main part of the bag.

Pattern: Drops bag, by Garn Studios DROPS Design
Yarn: eBay stuff I bought three years ago that has been sitting around waiting for a project
Needles: Size US 8 29" circulars

I kind of like the dark strip across the middle. I think it adds a little pizazz. 

I still need to sew up the bottom, line it, add a closure, and find some handles. The pattern suggests knitting some straps, but I just don't see knit straps holding up quite the way I want them to. I need to hit the craft store to check out my options, but I'm seriously considering buying a purse at Goodwill and surgically removing the strap.

Someday, hopefully soon, this guy will hold all my stuff. Yay!


  1. What's the size of this purse? I can't tell from the pics.

  2. Pretty big. Probably 15x12 or so. Not as big as the baby-stealing purse, but could still get a couple bottles of wine in it.