Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Slow Down

Apparently I need to stop having fun because it's significantly cutting into my knitting time. Started two Christmas projects over the weekend, but haven't gotten much done on either of them. New pattern and new yarn for project #2 is going to slow down production on that one. Easy enough pattern, but teeny tiny yarn and size 3 needles makes it seem like I'm not getting anywhere.

Decided to work on Project #3 in my office at lunchtime. This way all the cat allergens at my house won't attack the yarn, and I can focus on two projects at once. All in all I think it's a great idea and I hope to be done in two work weeks. *Fingers crossed*

While in Kennewick over Thanksgiving I had to stop in a the LYS because I got an email saying there was a sale. Not much of a sale, but the hint is all it takes to get me in the shop. Ended up coming home with the softest yarn I've ever felt. Ooh la la, what a luxurious "something" will be made out of this!

Misti Alpaca, Chunky - Color: Silver
100% Baby Alpaca.

Only bought one hank, so will have to find a simply hat pattern that doesn't require much yarn.

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