Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Production rate through the roof!

I got a little worried when I made a list of all of my holiday projects. There were so many, and several of them are new projects so I have no way to gauge how long they'll take. I have three "for sure" projects that must be done by Christmas, two quick little projects that have to be done by mid-December, and two projects that I would really like to give on Christmas, but they're the low men on the totem pole. That's a lot of time spent knitting!

Saturday morning I started Holiday Project 1. Even with helping Sarah move in the morning, and cooking dinner and going to a show Saturday night, I still managed to complete more than 50% of it! Thank goodness for HGTV and terrible chick flicks! Those, plus an easily memorized pattern, have made my knitting tasks much easier. Hope to finish over Thanksgiving weekend. Would love to be able to knit during the 3.5 hour drive home on Wednesday, but I'm not sure I trust my brother to drive my car over the snowy pass....

No pictures for now. Wouldn't want my "readers" to see their own gifts in advance! But I will leave you with this.

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