Thursday, November 19, 2009

My name is Robyn and I'm a Yarnaholic.

I have a yarn buying problem. Sometimes I'm really good when I'm in a craft/yarn store and only buy what I need to make a specific pattern, but other times... Went to Bad Woman Yarn in the Wallingford Center today (it's pretty cool) and blew $50, and not on what I went for.

I have lots of projects on the books for Christmas this year and have been on a mission to find the perfect yarn for XXX's gift. Had planned on buying it at the Pacific Fabric's Holiday Open House last night, but they didn't have the right color. This morning I called Acorn St and Weaving Works, with no success. I guess in the back of my mind I knew it was a terrible idea, but I decided to go to Bad Woman at lunch because it's only a few blocks from the office. "Even if they don't have exactly what I want, surely they'll have a similar enough replacement!" I told myself.

Ha. Yeah, right. Not only did they not have a replacement, but I talked to the shop girl while I was there so I felt duty-bound to browse for a bit. Does any fibrephile ever really "browse?" Isn't it really more of a "want-everything-and-narrow-it-down-to-two-to-buy?" Alas, I am a true fibrephile and purchased my requisite four hanks of yarn (two hanks of each type, of course). Now the question is how can I afford Christmas presents when I blew my whole budget on yarn? But oh what beautiful yarn it is.

Alpaca with a Twist, Highlander - Color: Lady Fern
45% Baby Alpaca, 45% Merino Wool, 8% Microfiber, 2% Viscose.

Berroco, Lustra - Color: Aioli
50% Peruvian Wool, 50% Tencel (R) Lyocell.

Think I'm going to try to sneak in a project for myself with the Lustra after the holidays are over. Sometimes you just need a cream-colored scarf, right?

And, to make myself feel even worse, I'm going to post the yarn I bought last night, too. Not quite as soft, but more man-ish and much more affordable. Plus, I think I found the perfect pattern for it!

Cascade Yarns, Pastaza - Color: Charcoal
50% Llama, 50% Wool.

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  1. I guess this means I need a yarn baller and swift..................