Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caution: Slow Moving Traffic

Have been working on Tiny Christmas Project #2. It's slow going, so I decided to detour to all my other projects that have deadlines. Wanted to cross a few short ones off the list, so on Sunday I watched a terrible movie or two and popped out two W koozies for a White Elephant party this coming Saturday.

Hypoallergenic Project #3, aka the lunchtime effort, is half done. Slightly concerned I don't have enough yarn to make the second half look the same as the first, so I'm going to modify my pattern a tiny bit. Hope it still looks the same...

Have completed a good 30% of Project 4. The pattern calls for a provisional cast on, so that was a learning experience. Normally youtube is a great source for instructional videos, but all of the ones I found were terrible. They went too fast and I simply couldn't figure out what they were doing. Luckily, I found a picture tutorial and that worked out fine. Also had to teach myself how to kf/b (knit front and back of the same stitch). Turns out it's quite simple as long as you knit rather loosely on the last row. Looking good so far. I made him "extra bulbous." What am I creating, you ask? Let's just say he's inspired by this guy:

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