Saturday, August 11, 2012

Work Knitting

A lot of knitting has been happening, and almost all of it during work.  I've been spending a lot of time sitting at either a boat ramp or a pull out on the side of a gravel road lately, and have knit up a storm.

I started this short sleeve sweater/shirt back in June and have been making slow progress on it, but progress nonetheless. If I pull it out during a shift I usually get in two stripes or more.  At this rate I might have it done in time for Thanksgiving. You know, just past the time you would want a short sleeved sweater.

A friend asked me to make a baby Yoda hat for a friend's baby shower. Yes, it's a baby hat.  It may be huge right now, but it will be felted and shrunk to 1/4 size.  Knit during about 4.5 hours of a survey one day. I had to buy the yarn, going against my Cold Sheep pact, but I used the entire skein, and she reimbursed me, so I'm calling it a wash and just adding it as a FO.

I've also been working on my stock pile of Husky beer koozies. I keep forgetting my W pattern at home, so I've had to freestyle. They're doing a great  slow job of eating all that purple and gold yarn I bought last winter. But this was the intended purpose, so another check mark for the "winning" column.

I think they have been turning out okay.  I plan to sell them in pairs.

I have approximately 8 field days left this summer during which I can get my knit on.  That means I can either double my sweater, or make about 16 more beer koozies. I also have an order for some purple and gold octopus mittens to get working on.  It's a good thing I get paid for this knitting time, or else the price of these babies would skyrocket!

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