Friday, August 10, 2012

Dear MG

Dear Master Gardener,

My tomatoes look like a half-inflated balloon. What's with that?

They should be roma-type tomatoes, but there are two or three plants covered in green tomatoes, and they all look like this.  Please advise,

Red Bird

PS The rest of the garden is going swimmingly.  My zucchini and summer squash are all super tiny, but they are growing and covered in flowers. I have one super tiny little zucchini that I check out every day.

The green beans have recovered from their bout with the yard guy and are doing their thing.  A squirrel or cat at the tip off of the fastest growing pole bean, but it's growing from the next leaf down, and hopefully will keep growing over the top of the fence. We have harvested about 10 bush beans already.

Our sunflowers haven't quite hit the 12 feet that the seed packet said, but we do have some buds that are getting ready to bloom. We get jealous every time we drive by other houses with 10 ft tall flowers.

Happy gardening!

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