Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still growing (and knitting, too)

It's salad time at my house.  More and more radishes say "eat me" every day, and I have been able to do some thinning of the lettuce mix.  Between the thinnings and a couple leaves off of the romaine heads I had enough for a salad.  It's amazing how good fresh garden lettuce is.  Yum!

Inside the rest of my salad makings are getting bigger and better - the heirloom tomatoes are about right to start hardening off.

Much more appropriate sized tomatoes! However, one of the giant Sungold cherry tomatoes outside just developed some flowers.  Since it's a cherry, and surrounded by a wall o water, I think I'll leave it.  Fresh tomatoes in June!!! Woohoo!!

The peppers have been doing their thing as well and slowly putting on the millimeters.

I also have several (I think four? maybe five?) basil plants to round out the tomato sauce.  The thyme I started indoors is an inch or so tall, and I was pleased to see that the thyme outdoors is coming back from an attempted drowning over the winter.

It might be a little late, but I have flowers growing from seed as well.  The snapdragons from Fishback Farms are doing waaaaayyyyy better than expected, and should be hardened off and planted outside soon.

The flower seeds from ORG are struggling a bit - of the zinnia, poppy, and cosmo seeds planted in the flower strip, only the poppies appear to be coming up.  They're pretty thick, so I can hopefully move some around.  Not sure what went wrong with the other guys... too cold? Not enough water? The cosmos I started inside and transplanted appear to be doing alright, so I started more and they're already coming up.

Planted zinnias inside at the same time, so maybe I'll get lucky and get something out of them yet.

Last, but most certainly not least, the only flower seed I bought from the store is FINALLY doing something.

I bought Burpee Black eyed susan (Thunbergia) seeds at Flower World a few months ago.  I love them, but haven't grown them before.  They seemed fairly expensive, $2.30 for a packet of only 25 seeds, so when I did the germination test on the sweet peas from Fishback Farms (which are all growing along the fence, very very slowly), I tested the Thunbergia, too. None of them germinated.  Zero.  I planted several outside as well to see if that would do it, and still, none of them did anything.  Now that these three (out of four) sprouted, I'm guessing it was too cold for them.  Who knows, maybe when it gets warmer the ones outside will sprout... but I'm not holding my breath. 

Luckily, they say Thunbergia can be propagated by cuttings, so if any of these guys amount to anything, I can work on spreading the love around. 

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