Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Robyn's Garden

The pole beans have sprouted.

The strawberries are going gonzo.

Even the three I bought for $0.60 each at Freddies are doing their thing.

The cosmos I started inside and transplanted out are budding...

... and the ones from seed are just spouting.

I think I "inherited" a California Poppy in the pot with the transplanted mum.  That or a carrot.

The Shasta Daisies are starting to bud out.

The nasturtiums are rock stars... at least the ones along the west side of the fence.  The south side ones are inching along.

The second batch of mums from the MG are in the ground and looking much better, after only half an hour (the roots were pretty pot-bound, MG - if you have more they should be planted asap).

Broccoli keeps getting more leaves.  I'm anxiously awaiting some actual floret spouts.

Remember last year when I couldn't get a carrot to save my life?  This year they're conquering the same bed.

This late May weather has been perfect for peas.

The new seeds from Territorial are getting unruly.  This might be the only time I've actually appreciated a holly tree.

I even have my first two pods. See one in the middle?

All of my tomatoes have survived.  One or two are a bit stunted, but....

Two of the ones I planted a month ago have flowers!

I just harvested a ton of lettuce, and the bed still looks full.  My second lettuce patch is filling in nicely as well.

And, just to prove you can teach an ORG new tricks...

The MG went snowshoeing!

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