Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Red Bird

You may have noticed my new banner.  How could you miss it, it's so full of knitting and color and.... a stamp?!?!

Oh yes, a stamp. 

A beautiful stamp. 

A wonderful stamp.

A stamp designed specifically for me.

Ain't it great? A hugely talented friend of mine, Karly Siroky, is a graphic designer.  I commissioned my graphic and am totally impressed with what she came up with.  With very little direction she made a logo that exemplifies my brand.  Love it!

She also came up with the idea of a stamp.  It just blew my mind.  What a great idea! I'll be stamping all over the place.  Most notably, gift tags for knitted items with the fiber content and care instructions.  Brilliant!

Big shout out to Impress Rubber Stamps.  They have a tiny shop in the University Village that is chock-full of cute stuff.... and they also make custom stamps.  Extremely affordable.  My little 2x2 stamp was only $11 and I didn't have to pay shipping because I picked it up in the store.  I had it in about a week after placing my order.  Great to do business with and I will be using them for all my future stamping needs.  Which may be a lot due to the limitless possibilities of Red Bird!

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