Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stash bustin'

Unfortunately my Banana Brim hat didn't use much of my stash. I weighed both of the skeins after and modified my stash count. I think I estimated the percent of each skein when I first put them in my Ravelry stash, so my totals didn't decrease by too much.

Remaining yards: 16,706.7
Remaining ounces: 10,441.2
Skeins: 122.2
FO: 3

But wait! I didn't include my Kaa Hat! That changes things, too.

Remaining yards: 16,549.1
Remaining grams: 10,361.2
Skeins: 121.4
FO: 4

Ahhh, success.

And, to increase my KnitGeek status, I figured out my KnitGeek Code:

KER++ Exp+ SPM+(+) Bam+ Steel- Pl-(-) Syn- !Nov Cot+ Woll++ Lux+(+) Stash+ Scale(+) Fin ?Ent FI(+) Tex+(+) Flat(+) Circ++(+) DPN+ Swatch KIP+ Blog++ SNB(+) ?EX>+ FO+ WIP(+)

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