Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Missing March

Old Man Winter, Jack Frost, and the Queen of May are running around Seattle playing hide-and-seek. Their target, the March Hare, is MIA.

That's how I feel about this "Sprinter" in Seattle. Warm enough to not necessarily be winter, but dang, it's raining a heck of a lot, not to mention there have been some really cold frosty nights, for spring. Every time I look at a calendar and see it's almost the middle of March I do a double take. Can't be. No way.

The Rhodies are confused. 
The daffodils are confused.

The ornamental cherry tree in my neighbor's yard is very definitely confused.

The only guy who understands the situation...

Is this guy. This teeny tiny little radish in my raised bed. I planted peas, carrots and radishes a couple weeks back when the soil was warm enough to work but it was still pretty chilly out.  Unfortunately it snowed the next day. None of my seeds have hit the germination point except this wee little guy. He's ahead of the game, and will hopefully survive until the March Hare finds his way up north.

Why does it always seem like he's late coming to Seattle? Late for a very important date?

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