Friday, December 3, 2010


I was okay with it being fall. I even really enjoyed the early snow and my day off from work because the roads near my house were too slick to drive. By afternoon the snow was mostly gone from most of the trees (which looked beautiful with a blanket of snow over golden and red leaves), but there was still plenty of teh white stuff on the ground. And a whole lot compacted on the side roads leading to my house.

 With bread rising in the warmth of my kitchen, I went for a walk to the park down the street and found someone had expended a lot of time and effort to build a tiny igloo. It was really quite cute, but I certainly didn't want to squeeze myself inside.

There was even more snow in Kennewick, where I traveled to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. And I was okay with that, too. I normally sit indoors eating and drinking all weekend anyway, so I didn't really give the slick roads too much thought. But now that Thanksgiving has come and gone it means a big step. A big step I'm completely and utterly  not prepared for.


December means I need to have all my Christmas ideas in place, projects completed in less than 25 days, and my house cleaned and decorated for company. I have exactly none of those things done!! Oh sure, I have some things kinda thought out (sorry friends, you're getting jam - no surprise if you've been reading!), but for the most part I'm waiting for the mood to strike me or that perfect gift to jump out at me at a store. It would also help if I had Christmas lists from picky family members. **Hint, hint.**

That being said, I do have a few things ready for Christmas. I have a preliminary shopping date set up, a couple projects under way, some project ideas that I'll never have time to start, much less finish before Christmas, and.....

A wreath on my car!

My bow is a little Charlie Brown-esque, but I think it's kind of charming. It'll probably get a fluffing, if not an upgrade, this weekend. Between the wreath and the fact that my radio dial is stuck on the Christmas station, I'll be in the mood for shopping and gifts will be wrapped in no time!!


Teaser shots of Christmas projects coming soon.

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