Monday, November 22, 2010

What's white and flaky and falling down outside?

I don't know how I'm expected to get anything done when the beautiful snow is falling just outside my window. It's gone from just a few flakes floating around to giant flakes obscuring the trees across the street. I feel like a silly Seattlite for being so transfixed with it, but it's just so pretty!

It's a terrible picture, but iPhones don't do too well through glass and flakes. I'll try for a better one on a walk tonight.

Last night I walked through Pike Place Market and saw the most amazing Christmas decorations going up:

Rein-pigs!!! There were four of them, all with pine boughs for antlers. The lead pig had a red clown ball nose. I don't know if they're installing a sleigh as well, but I loved it just the way it was! So cute.

This is how Ollie feels about the snow:

It's perfect knitting weather. He should be happier.

All for now. Keep warm!!

PS. No, the title of this post was not intended to refer to anyone in Ellensburg.

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