Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Attack of the Germs

Most of my time the last week has been eaten up by coughing. Hard to do much else when your lungs are actively trying to leave your body. I have found some time to knit, but not much, and not on projects I can discuss (I have a non-disclosure agreement with myself). I have a lunch-time project that lives at my desk and I work on when I can. I'm almost done and just have to decrease. If I can find a free lunch hour or two, I'll probably complete it. But for now, here's an old picture of it.

It's yellow and white. I ordered some mill ends on eBay in Caron Simply Soft. They were super cheap and I was really excited. I still like it, but when I decided to knit with the yellow and the white together in one hat, I realized that they are of completely different weights. A comparison of almost 4 ply to 10 ply. Ridiculous. But it was cheap and I wanted to use it, so I pushed on. The result might be kind of.... bobbly, but oh well. I don't have a recipient yet, so I'm not too disappointed.

Other knitting projects to commence soon. Hopefully over the long Thanksgiving weekend. But for now, I'm in energy save move and focusing on making sure the couch doesn't move.

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