Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Poisoning.

It has been a while since blogging, due to lack of knitting, lack of things exciting to report about, and due to things to risque to blog about! I completed (finally) Ang's Christmas legwarmers and delivered Ryan's birthday hat. Don't have a picture of either, unfortunately. The hat was too big to look decent on my head for a picture and I didn't get a photo after he opened it.  Attempted to knit some slippers. Completed the first one and realized it was hideous. Don't know if I'll end up starting the mate or if I'll just write it off as a loss. Made a toddler hat with an owl on it for fun because I wanted a short project. I still need to finish the top, but will post pictures when I'm done. I feel like I'm slacking in the knitting department because I have a giant box of yarn sitting on my bedroom floor that's just waiting to be knit into something fabulous. If only I had the time.

Can't post about last weekend. Too many shenanigans that cannot be spoken of without vows of silence. Let's just say Bachelorette Party, limo ride, wine tasting, hot tub time machine, meerkat, and 17 hours of drinking. You can't even imagine the ridiculous that ensued.

Had a friend visiting on Thursday night. He apparently can't find good Japanese food where he is, so we went out to a tiny little restaurant on Capitol Hill (I think it was called Ayoki? Right next to the Deluxe). I ordered the chef's sushi platter, which consisted of a cucumber roll and six pieces of the chef's choice nigiri. At 3am, and every 20 minutes or so thereafter, I decided the sushi was a poor choice.  After going in to work for two hours and making three trips to the bathroom, followed by one stop at the bathroom garbage can, I decided I was not able to function at work and took the rest of the day off.

Still not sure if it's food poisoning or the stomach flu, but it's Tuesday and my stomach still feels like the edges are waving around like Barney's lips when he burps on the Simpsons. I may have lost six pounds on Friday, but let me tell you, this is NOT a diet I would recommend.

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