Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raised Bed

All in all I had a very productive weekend. Saturday morning we went to Home Depot (one of my favorite places to surprise old men with my random knowledge) and came home with one 2x10 and two 2x12 eight foot long boards and 8 cubic feet of soil. Three hours later we had moved about 3 cubic feet of rocks, made a raised planter, and filled it with soil.

The final planting area looks a little bit better than this because we cleaned out the leaves, moved the landlord's piles of crap and put stone tiles down for the walkway. The best part is that its right outside my bedroom window, so I'll always be able to check on my plants progress, even when it's pouring out! The worst part, I realized on sunny Sunday afternoon, is that right now it doesn't get direct sunlight until about 330-4pm. It's bright over there, but I wouldn't call it "full sun." I'm really hoping that the sun will move a bit for me later this summer.

Planting plan:
Red Pepper

I already have carrots, radishes, turnips, onions and peas planted in my plastic containers and they're sprouting up quite nicely. Can't wait to put my tomatoes in the ground.

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