Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sushi Fail.

I have been a part of several very successful sushi nights. Most notably, the night we made sushi at the Cabin on Camano Island and fed an army.

It was a feast of salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab (nothing like catching your own), lots of veggies, and tempura flat fish (caught two hours earlier in Saratoga Passage and filleted expertly by Alex). Even if you don't count all the jello Heather forced us (me) to eat, it was way too much food, but it was all well rolled and tasty.

The next time I made sushi at Amber's, we encountered some rice problems, from charred to undercooked, but all was well in the end and I got to eat a sushi stogie. Note: don't forget to decrease the heat to simmer before you let your rice sit for 20 minutes. Oops. 

The third time was uneventful except in its tastiness. Homemade cock sauce was a success.

So how, I ask, after all of these meals have I still not learned how to adequately roll sushi? I have all of the necessary hardware and software, but the skill just isn't there. I tried last Friday to do it on my own and the closest I got to decent was on roll number four. At least they still taste good when they're ugly.


Can someone teach me? Please?

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