Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stuck in Scarf Mode

I love to wear scarves but I absolutely hate to knit them. They take SO. LONG. At first they're fun. You get to try a new stitch pattern and the thought of the final product is so exciting. But then after 3 feet it starts to get monotonous. After 4 feet you wonder how short you can really get away with making it. But really, for me I like my scarves to be about 6 feet long in order to get a good wrap and have some extra to dangle. But 6 feet of scarf knitting? The most tedious thing ever.

I think the worst part is that you always expect it to be a breeze. It's just a scarf. Not like it's a sweater or afghan. But that's what gets you - when you start a sweater or blanket you anticipate knitting on it for months and month. Or years. With a scarf you know it will take longer than a hat, which I can normally pump out in anywhere from 3-10 hours depending on gauge, but once you get to 30 hours of knitting.... it's time to give up. I can't be monogamous with a project after 30 hours of knitting, no matter how warm it's starting to get outside.

So sorry, friend, you won't be getting that scarf by February. You'll be lucky if you get that last foot of scarf by Presidents Day. That last foot and a half is killing me. And you might have to find your own damn buttons.

PS. Speaking of wash clothes, I finished this one at work this week. Lunchtime knitting only.

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