Saturday, September 22, 2012

b-b-b-b-beet beet

Last night while watering I found a fully developed and big enough to eat beet.  I've been keeping an eye on it recently since it looked to be almost big enough, but when I pulled it yesterday it still seemed like a big surprise.  It was a full 3 inches round.  With the lack of luck I've had this year with root vegetables, I was kind of expecting the top to look like a 3 inch beet, but the bottom to be all shriveled and inedible. 

But alas! It was perfect. 

My peppers are still growing and growing and growing. I'm waiting for a couple to turn red, but it's hard work.  They look so tasty and I just want to eat them.  I've been holding myself back and only picking the ones that have bug spots on them to eat and letting the really good looking guys keep going.  No hint of color change yet. I may have to give up in a week and just eat them.  Oh darn.

Another sign it's fall - my burning bush is starting to "burn".

I call him Mr. Leany. His main bud may have been picked, but the side guys are starting to bloom.  I can't tell if they make Alan happy or if the just make him mad at the kid who broke off the top.

Unlike the peppers, I couldn't resist the beet last night after dinner.  I immediately roasted him and ate him.

And it was good.

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  1. Loved catching up on your blog! Your vegetables and flowers turned out great this year and I must add you are quite a skilled photographer. Great photos! And I am now ready to re enter the butternut squash soup world. It just looked so yummy at Castaway and reading through your recipes is making my stomach growl...