Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My sprouts are starting to get their first set of true leaves.  I left them for the weekend with no signs of growth, and returned to all of the tomatoes growing hairs on their stems and getting that set of leaves.  Broccoli is just behind, and the kale is a few days back.  I've kept the kale on windowsills instead of under the light and I think it's time to reevaluate.  They go out in a couple weeks (Territorial says after the third set of true leaves) and should be strong enough to survive the cool weather.

I'm a little concerned about the flower situation.  All of the hollyhock didn't fare too well over the weekend.  I'm worried they either have damping off or just got too dried out.  I think I'm paranoid about the damping off.  The zinnias haven't done anything since sprouting in the germination test either. I want all my little guys to survive and thrive!

Basil and thyme are doing their thing in yogurt containers.  I planted them really thick because the seeds were so tiny I couldn't help myself, so they will need thinning before they get to their final destination.  No clue if they will survive if I chop each pot into four... But the good news is that the snapdragons are sprouting! Only about three of them, but that's three more than none, and I'm happy.

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  1. lovely! i've started a few herbs, but need to get going with veg... i love your egg carton method too, will have to rescue the carton i put in the recycle bin this morning!