Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Now that the baby shower has come and gone, I can share my most recent creation for my unborn nephew, Peanut, with you.


I knit up the sides and legs while driving out to Snoqualmie Pass and back for work. It was surprisingly simply, but the pattern was surprisingly bad. Had to frog the spines a couple times before I came up with something I liked.  Also, notes like "Embroider faces onto toys before sewing them up completely, as it is easier to tie off the threads from the inside of the knitting and then sew up the toy" belong not only in the introduction, but in the pattern as well. This pattern actually tells you to stuff and close the body, then stuff legs and attach to body, then embroider face.  I'd say that goes against the notes in the introduction, no?

But all complaints aside, isn't he cute?

I got frustrated a few times stitching him up, but goofed off a bit and it made me feel better.

Definitely glad I added the stripes to the belly.  It adds a certain  je ne sais quoi. 

Pattern: Roaring Dinosaur, by Zoe Mallor (published in Knitted Toys)
Yarn: Caron One Pound
Needles: US 3


Cold Sheeping Tally

Total  Yards: 15,893.1
Total Grams: 10,020.6
Number of Skeins: 118.3
Finished Objects from Stash: 7

Note: New totals include a shawl that I finished knitting, but haven't sewn in the ends yet.  As soon as I have a few spare moments I'll get around to blocking and have a photo shoot.

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