Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Another Easter, another 42 pound weight gain.  Ugh.

I made another batch of cinnamon rolls on Friday night/Saturday morning and they were just as delicious as last time. I didn't have any cream cheese on hand, so I found a recipe for an old fall back that I remember my mom making a version of - butter, vanilla, and enough powdered sugar and milk to make it the desired consistency.  I based mine off of this recipe.  Some said it was better than the original cream cheese icing, but don't tell Alton.

I had a giant group of extended family in town, so of course we had appetizer and drinks, dinner out and wine, and dessert and more booze after (and the amount of noise we created steadily grew throughout the night. None of us are really quiet people).  There were two kinds of pie from the Seattle Pie Company, marionberry and strawberry rhubarb, so of course I had to try a little bit of both. And what's pie without a scoop of ice cream on top? My vote went to the rhubarb.

And on Sunday, I made chocolate pumpkin muffins (cupcakes, really) with German Chocolate cake mix -my preferred cake mix for those, and fair scones from a mix to put homemade lemon curd and peach butter on. Followed by a huge dinner and a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. Again with the pie. I can't say I minded too much at the time. It was really good.

So in conclusion, two days and 42 pounds later.... I'm going to go home and eat that leftover piece of strawberry pie I have sitting on the kitchen counter.

Right after I go running.

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