Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where's that Pineapple Express?

It's not warm in Seattle. So not warm that last week I wore my elbow length Twilight mittens and handknit hat to the Husky game. I'm currently wearing a thick scarf wrapped twice around my neck, and have been all day at work. It may be nothing compared to more northern climes, but dang, right now Seattle feels cold.

I turned on the heat in my house this morning. I feel like I'm giving in to the age-old battle with old man winter. Every year I try to wait as long as possible, for three reasons:
1- I like to think the longer I wait to turn on the heat, the thicker my blood will get and I'll be able to handle the cold better.
2- It gives me a chance to break into all my knitting and really appreciate the warm things I create.
3- I'm cheap and don't like to pay extra for the heating when I don't have to!

But last night I got COLD. I was in my room in the basement and I was freezing my fingers off. I'd say my tootsies, but I've taken to putting my slippers on the moment I get home and not taking them off until I go to bed (I'd wear them in the mornings, too, but then I just forget to put on real shoes and wear my slippers to the office. True story, happened more than once). But regardless of my flannel pajama pants, my hooded sweatshirt and my slippers, I was cold last night, so I turned on the baseboard heater in my room for an hour or so before bedtime. 

In the morning I rolled out of my warm and cozy bed into the FREEZING COLD stream of air coming out of my ceiling vent regulated by the thermostat upstairs. BRRRR! At that moment I decided I was turning on the heat. I was appalled when I saw that the thermostat was set to... wait for it... cool. Not heat. Not auto. COOL. Why in the helll...???

I'm hoping for a warm welcome when I get home tonight.

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