Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How does your garden grow?

Photosynthesis. It's wonderful when it's actually happening, which, coincidentally, started this weekend!!

After days upon weeks upon months of rainy Seattle weather it finally started to feel like spummer. I'm calling it spummer because I don't quite feel like we ever had a real spring and it's not quite warm enough to be summer. So spummer it is.

Saturday it was in the upper 70s, followed by a lower 70s Sunday with a slight wind. My garden loved it. My plants that had been stagnant started to grow, bloom, and produce.

My onions seem to be doing well.  I was hoping my carrots would be ready by the time the onions needed the space, but they may need to be pulled early. I'd hate to crowd them both and not have anything to harvest.  All four of my zucchini are rocking (yes, I did buy two more... oops). I replaced the two cucumbers in the raised bed that committed suicide with one zucchini and planted the other new guy in a pot on his own. They are all blooming. Hopefully they will have more to harvest than the one scrawny zucchini I got from my starts last year. The strawberries are all blooming, but I haven't seen the beginnings of any berries or any starts. Last year they sent out starts all the time so I think the planter may need a location change.

My peas seem to be creeping up my homemade trellis quite nicely. They're short but they've got flowers and are still growing every day. The other guys, however....

My other peas keep getting longer and longer but are having some serious problems growing UP. They have been grabbing onto each other and the spinach, which has bolted and is no longer good, but refuse to grab the trellis. I think it's time for an anthropogenic influence by way of tying them up. I think if they can manage to grab onto the trellis they'll get more light and hopefully give me lots and lots of delicious peas.

My tomatoes, on the other hand, are the best of the bunch. I'm up to five plants. The two in the raised bed are growing like crazy. The Ultomato cages are really pretty dang cool. I had a few branches that were trying to escape the cage so I popped off the cross bar, pushed the branch back in, and snapped the cross bar back in place. So easy! And so good for production!

Leda planted a wee little organic tomato start in a pot a week or so after the raised bed went it. The nice weather recently has spurted growth and it's starting to catch up with this guys at a rapid pace.

Garden harvest to date: 3 radishes. Soon to be more... I hope.

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