Friday, February 13, 2015

Ferns = Pruned

Well, most of them. I still have three in the back that need some selective thinning/total chop. Turns out I have a LOT of ferns. And cutting them back to the ground produces a ton of yard waste.

By the front steps, cut down to nothing.

But I cut up the fronts to act as mulch, as per Ciscoe's advice.

The side yard before pruning.

After selective pruning of one.

Total deheading of another.

Back yard from the side yard.

Hoyt, ready to help move the fronds around the yard.

Back yard, post pruning of the ferns in front of the trees.

These ones were huge. I didn't get around to the ones behind the tree yet. That will be Monday's project. I was hoping to prune my mexican mock orange, but it's got crazy buds on it, so I think I'll let it bloom first.

But everyone I have talked to said they grow like crazy here and I can hack away at it at any time and it will be just fine. But... But... flowers! I'll wait. Maybe do just a little clean up underneath if there is space in the yard waste bin.

And next weekend? I tackle this!

Mostly weeding, but I want to stake out where I have last years plants that are cut to the ground so I don't step on them when planting my natives. I also want to start a plan for a path and some steps down to the fence. I feel like every time I walk down the slope it slips just a little bit more.

And the moss patch? Maybe I'll start on that, too....

Then again, that's a big project, so maybe not...

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