Friday, February 14, 2014

Needed a lifeline

The needles have been flying. 

Aside from all the baby hat knitting for Christmas, I also knocked out a hat for my future brother in law.

A stash buster, busted out at the last minute. A decent hat pattern, too. Might make it again.

I'm knitting table runners for the wedding. I'm assuming we'll have about 160 people, at 8 people to a table, so about 20 tables.  I started in early December. Now, in the middle of February I have 18.6 runners completed.

A couple of people told me I was crazy when I first started, but who's laughing now??


Granted, when people scoffed, they were thinking big long hurking things, and I'm only knitting them to be 3 feet long.

Hoping I can stitch them together pretty enough to be a blanket after the wedding.

I'm also knitting a shawl.  It's my lunch time knitting at work and I'm making pretty good progress on it. Until Monday, that is. I took it to happy hour and did a whole pattern repeat, only to realize right before leaving that I had messed up a row or two back.  After some swearing, I figured out my issue and was able to tink back to the issue.

I kept working on it at home for a few rows after I fixed my problem later that night. The next day I picked up the project at lunch, knit three rows, then realized that my stitch count was off. SOn of a..... Took me three more days to get back to a row that I knew was knit correctly.

Now I'm going to go home and learn how to add a lifeline, because that would have saved me a helluva lot of time and swearing.

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