Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Close to Dolman


This was before I finished the neck hole.  Really all I have left is the ribbing around the arms. Should take me like an hour, max. However, before I can knit the ribbing, I need to figure out how much extra I have around the armpits. I decided when I was doing the stripes that area that it needed to be longer. Now I have gaping pit holes! All it should take is a slip on and a mirror look, but it's so hard to put on alpaca when it's 90 degrees outside.

My garden, however, is happy in the heat.

Look at that zucchini grow! This was taken a few days ago and I now have two three inch zucchini fruits.

The roses are almost done with this bloom. And the strawberries! Oh, the strawberries. I had a really good harvest from my June-bearing plants and they are sending runners everywhere. The winter savory, lime thyme, and oregano are taking off, too.

I think this is the strangest looking tomato plant ever. I had a couple of stragglers when I was moving my tomatoes to bigger pots a couple months ago and popped this guy in an old blueberry pot (the blueberry didn't survive last summer). The tomato is tall and stringy, but proof that tomatoes can survive and thrive on their own in Seattle. I have paid absolutely zero attention to it since I planted it. No flowers yet, but it's barely July, so we'll have to wait and see.

The only guy not happy in this heat?

The poor shasta daisies outside the fence. They get very little water from the hose (because I'm too lazy to haul it outside the fence) and were feeling it on Saturday.  I took this after I came home from working at the boat ramp. I totally sympathized because I felt the same way. Sunburned, tired, and thirsty!

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