Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seeds planted

Over the weekend I managed to eek some gardening into my busy schedule of sitting on the couch and watching tv. I pulled the grass and weeds that were trying to take back the bed in front of the fence where the beans were last year. We planted peas on about 1/3 of the space, with the intent to sow the next 1/3 in a week, and the last 1/3 a week after that. Not much for succession planting, but I love my peas and last year they kept producing forever, so I don't think it's a bad idea. We also strung up a new sisal trellis for them to grow up. Yay for peas!!

Spent a little time in the front bed pulling weeds. They were certainly taking over there. Most of the weeds were taller than the roses! I mostly did a preliminary pass through, but it made a huge difference. And I was able to identify all of the little strawberry starts that survived the winter so I won't pull them along with the weeds during the next session.

Seeing as how Seattle's last frost is typically March 22, that puts the middle of February at about 4 weeks prior to last frost. That means I'm a little late planting some things, but I have a really hard time planting tomatoes in the garden as early as they say you can. On Sunday I planted:

*2 Nero di Toscana kale
*2 Winterbor Hybrid kale
*2 Dwarf Siberian kale
*3 Ace Tomatoes
*3 Nova Tomatoes
*3 Indigo Rose Tomatoes
*3 Purple Calabash Tomatoes
*3 Saucy Tomatoes
*4 Sungold Tomatoes
*2 Aunt Molly's Tomatillo (ground cherry)
*2 Anaheim Peppers
*2 Jalapeno Peppers
*4 pots of Romaine Lettuce
*3 pots of marigolds

As of last night some of the kale pots had sprouted but nothing else.  This morning the marigolds were popping up. I broke down and bought a seed heater mat over the winter, so fingers crossed they all germinate quickly.

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