Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cold Frames Finished!

We have had some unseasonable warm weather the last week.  Snow one week, 50 degrees the next! Crazy town.  I took the opportunity on Saturday's sunny afternoon to finish the cold frames.

We attached the sides together by screwing two nails into a 1x2 for each end. Before we put on the last wall, I pulled out the windows to see which one fit. The first one was too small, but the larger one looked like it was perfect.

We added two hinges to the back and a handle on the bottom.  Voila!

Then we started number two.

We started the same, adding the sides to the front.  As before, I put the window on top to make sure it fit. And HOLY CRAP it's a good thing I did.  We must have done them backwards. Or something.  Because there was a good spare 7 inches or so of length on the sides. I am completely in awe of how off our measurements/cuts were. Luckily we were able to saw off the excess, then adjust the height of the back panel to fit. 

Then there was a new problem.  The bowing of the plywood meant that the end panel was a couple inches too long.  So we hit the board with the saw again and screwed it all into place.

Then there was a new problem.  The bowing of the plywood made it... more of a trapezoid, really.  The window, which we are pretty sure is square, was definitely not the same shape as the box. We managed to make it "good enough" when putting on the hinges, and the gaps are small enough that I'm not too concern.

Doesn't mean I didn't buy some foam pipe insulation at Home Depot on Sunday just in case....

In a couple weeks I'll start my kale and broccoli inside in my new grow light area, then in a few more weeks they can go outside to harden off under these guys.  In the mean time I think I'll start some lettuce.

Not bad for less than $15!

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