Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've been really bad lately.  Terrible even. I have "fallen off the sheep." But I think it's a worthwhile fall...

The first trip was in Bozeman - I'm calling it souvenir yarn.

Cascade 128 Superwash - Color 1971
100% Superwash Merino wool

Due to the color, this will definitely end up as a new hat for me or a loved one for Husky games. Something made with good yarn like this should be loved.

Berroco Touché, Color Cocoa
50% cotton, 50% Modal

No plans for this guy.  Maybe mittens for Peanut? Got to get on that one soon!

My next "oops" was caused by a coupon and a sale, at the same time.  I have been thinking about knitting some hats and koozies to sell at tailgates for a year or two.  I haven't gotten around to it because I couldn't decide on pricing. Also, I've been distracted by other projects.  But after a guy named Bjorn sold us a sweet Husky sweater, I caught the bug again and decided to make it happen. I'm sure I could sell a handful to just the tailgates I frequent.  So when there was a sale and a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase, I fell off the sheep again.

Lion Brand, Vanna's Choice - Linen, Purple, Black, Mustard
100% Acrylic.

Paton's Classic Wool - Wisteria
100% Wool.

So I've added quite a bit of yarn to my stash, but to give me a little credit I've already started a hat to sell! Started during a Husky basketball game.  Shouldn't take too much longer to knit.

And, to give myself even MORE credit, I have lots of patterns IDed/designed to use the yarn. I might have to decree March Madness Koozie Madness and just knit koozies while watching the games.

Know anyone who wants some Husky gear? I'll knit on consignment....

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