Thursday, July 29, 2010


Wow, I've been really bad lately about posting. But hey, I've been ridiculously busy. Give me a break. This weekend will be the fifth weekend in a row I haven't slept in my own bed. So instead of writing seven blog posts, I'll give you a photo summary.

SB Bachelorette Party

SB got married.
I went for a hike.
Went crabbing at Camano Island. Don't be fooled, this dude was huge.
I finished a birthday project!
Man, it's been fun, by holy criminy, I'm exhausted! But I'm glad I managed to fit in some knitting time to finish that hat. It was a birthday present that was given a bit late due to all the activities. I normally like knitting hats, but this one was pretty much just obnoxious. It's the same one I made for my brother for his birthday, but with different yarn. I hated knitting it then, but I really liked the finished product, so I caved and made it again.

Pattern: Wilson Hat by Norah Gaughan, modified to knit in round
Yarn: Something foreign from Bad Woman I bought because it was soft
Needles: Size 6 Circulars, Size 8 Circulars

I told myself my next project was for me, so I've gone back to working on a bag that I started in early spring. It's an easy pattern, so hopefully I can get in some good knitting time in the car this weekend on my next adventure to E.Wa.

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